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Friday, April 11, 2008

Gnus v5.10.10 is released

Just saw this in the Gmane newsgroup. A new version of Gnus has been released. Those using imap would be happy to know that the unread count should be coming out correctly now. At least that's what the Release notes claim. :-)

And the drafts editing has been changed to the more logical 'e', I see.

And there are a whole bunch of other changes. Since I've been tracking the CVS version, I've been thinking that these features were already a part of the bundled Gnus version.

That's the problem with bleeding edge; you think some feature is so obvious and when people ask about a certain feature, you keep wondering why they are not using the obvious menu option.

Why I use Gnus: Reason #1

For the sheer language and wisecracks in the manual. For example

Gnus gives you all the opportunity you could possibly want for shooting yourself in the foot. Let's say you create a group that will contain all the mail you get from your boss. And then you
accidentally unsubscribe from the group. Gnus will still put all the mail from your boss in the unsubscribed group, and so, when your boss mails you "Have that report ready by Monday or you're fired!", you'll never see it and, come Tuesday, you'll still believe that you're gainfully employed while you really should be out collecting empty bottles to save up for next month's rent money.

With entries like that in the manual, even if you don't understand anything in it the first time around, you'll come back for more.

But then I'm one of those weirdos who can happily spend hours reading the manual, sometimes.