Saturday, May 10, 2008

Commenting or adding annotations to PDF files

This thread on comp.text.tex has some suggested software that might be of interest.

What I'm interested in is 2 things, a way to enable commenting through pdftex and a PDF viewer/reader that allows commenting or annotations. That way, I'd be able to have a decent document edit-review-fix cycle with non LaTeX users. Without that, there is the tedious job of making a non-LateX file reviewed and then transcribing the same into a tex file. Which I don't like doing.

And if the reviews are exhaustive, I'm forced to use the Office Suites and that drives me batty. I can't use LaTeX, as there are others who don't use it and I'm generally confused by Office suites as it always manages to NOT do what I think it should.

No Joy.