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Friday, May 22, 2009

This had me keeling over with Laughter

From here

<rmrfResume> So let me get this straight.

<rmrfResume> You built a linux system from scratch using hardened GCC

<rmrfResume> secured the whole system with RSBAC

<rmrfResume> Developed private chroots for each and every service ran on it

<rmrfResume> which include an http, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap, irc, and dyndns server

<rmrfResume> WITH mail filtering and dynamic mysql databases for each service

<rmrfResume> with the mysql daemon in its own chroot

<rmrfResume> then did same system networking for the whole lot

<rmrfResume> and had everything running in a single night?

<Pryoidain> I do cocaine.

<cjk> oh

<asaph[Away]> WOW

<rmrfResume> suddenly it all makes sense.

Delay in Emacs Pretest release

While checking for the next pretest release of Emacs, found that the README file says one version while the directory has the older version. A quick google check revealed some bug has caused the maintainers to delay the release.

Oh, well.