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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting Slide or Frame numbers in Beamer Warsaw Theme

While preparing a presentation using Beamer, I decided to get the slide numbers(frame numbers in Beamer parlance) into the presentation just to pace my slides. And it turns out that it's not easy as it sounds. I tried a variety of setbeamertemplate options and even considered editing the template. I believe beamerouterthemesplit.sty is the file to change though I have no idea what I have to do.

A bit of googling got to me to this page and I have no idea why the suggestion works. But it does. I have broken it into 2 lines with a extraneous \ at the end of the first line.

\title[Short Title \hspace{4em} \insertframenumber\ \
of \inserttotalframenumber
]{Full Title}