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Thursday, January 16, 2014

ESS R integration with Win32 Emacs

I've had R installed for quite some time and I thought I'd give ESS a spin with it.  Turns out, I just had to do this to get it working on Win 7.

(setq load-path (cons "c:/gnu/elisp/R/ESS/lisp" load-path))
(require 'ess-site)
(setq-default inferior-R-program-name "C:\\R\\R-2.15.1\\bin\\x64\\Rterm.exe")

And I could invoke R from Emacs and send code to the inferior process to execute.   However, I do get the following messages which I'm not sure why it turns up.

Finding all versions of R on your system...
Sorry, no version of R could be found on your system.

Anyone know why it happens?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Emacs Relationship Advice!

In the long running debate started off by Eric S Raymond that is currently churning on the emacs lists about bzr vs Git, there's this gem from David Kastrup.

Women start with vi in the hope it will change, men with Emacs in the hope it will stay the same.  Both are disappointed.

Made my day.  Keeled over laughing.  For some reason, it reminded me of Erik Naggum.