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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why is there no copy rectangle?

Well, the rectangle commands have everything except copy-rectangle. You can only do this by C-x r r, copy-rectangle-to-register which seems to be a bit clunky.

Wonder why.

Though to be fair, the registers are the ones that I use frequently. Multiple clipboards done right IMO.


Bill White said...

I stumble across that once in a while, too. My klunky solution is to C-x r k (then C-x C-x if necessary) then C-x r y (cut, then restore the text), then it's in memory so I can C-x r y it elsewhere.

I like the C-x r r thing - thanks for pointing it out.

copy-rectangle would be nice.

Brad said...

That method is frustrating if you are in a read-only buffer such a w3m buffer. How has this feature slipped through?