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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RMS hands over Emacs Maintainership

And so it comes to this, an email announcing who the next Emacs maintainers are.

One can't thank this man enough, for writing the Greatest Editor Ever! :-)

Even though he's just said that the maintenance is being done by others now, it's hard to imagine Stallman NOT involved in GNU Emacs.

One without the other? Impossible!

Though, truth be told, RMS has done much much more with the Free Software Foundation and developing everything except the Linux kernel. Doggedly sticking to his guns, he has made the FSF a natural order of things in the software world dominated initially by proprietary works.

Congratulations to the man and I do hope he does continue to actively participate in the development cycle of GNU Emacs.

It's now almost 10 years since I started using GNU Emacs and I have only one regret.

I wish I had started learning it even earlier.

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