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Friday, April 4, 2008

Now, the EC gets interested in OOXML!

Actually no. Given the initial intent and final vote of the OOXML, the EC is now planning to look into the voting process itself.

A little too late now; a bit like the cops in the movies.

Even with all the clamouring, it'll take years for any allegations to be proved or falsified. By that time, OOXML would have become mainstream thus making it all moot.

Rather, the standard should be on indefinite hold till a consensus is reached by all concerned that Microsoft got the votes fair and square.

Who's going to complain about this?

Microsoft? Actually, they'd benefit as they have nothing to hide, wouldn't they?

The Open Source crowd? It's not a standard yet, till the allegations are proved either way, so they might have to wait a couple of years before they have a technical locus standi in this discussion.

That about settles it then?


All this will be apparent to those who've the "Yes Minister" series where the Minister and the Civil Services folks clash over policy.

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