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Friday, May 16, 2008

USB based Fedora 9?

Saw this here and here and should say that it is really a good idea. Each release of some distribution adds new software and features but it's nice that some thought has gone into...well, getting it distributed.

With USB sticks given out as swag in conferences, this could be an attractive way to get people to try Linux. Of course, only if the boot sequence supports starting from a USB port from your PC. If it is common, I'd say, it's a better method than burning CDs. Only problem I see is that on older PCs, the USB ports are all at the back plane and it's a pain to reach around especially if you keep the PC in a corner like I do.

Even worse, mine is boxed in on 3 sides, so I have to pull out the PC cabinet and then plug it in.

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