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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Building TeXLive Binaries on Cygwin

A few months ago I had asked about whether there was a cygwin version of the TeXLive system as the TeTeX system was no longer being actively maintained.

Today I received a response that it can be built successfully on cygwin , thanks to Angelo Graziosi. It might be useful for some. Please read the README so that you don't run into surprises. You have to download the lzma file and install it as suggested in the README.

As for me, I'm sticking with MiKTeX as it works without a hassle and the update feature synchronises all the packages I have installed already. If the cygwin maintainers add TeXLive to the official list of maintained packages, I'd change my mind. It's easier to keep everything under one roof than having to get it from ten different places.

So, if you want a cygwin version, it can be done.


Anonymous said...

There's a useful script for incorporating miktex into cygwin at\tips_and_ideas\cygwin.html

Miktex2.6 is used, but procedure will work for miktex2.7 too.

Anonymous said...

This is easier