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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Changing fonts in your LaTeX document

In this discussion on changing fonts on comp.text.tex newsgroup, the reply might be useful in deciding which font to use where.  That is one of my biggest issues with fonts.  I have no taste. :-)

Given a large number of fonts, I'd unerringly chose the one font that would make folks gouge their eyes out with a blunt pencil, I swear.

Assuming what the author wrote is true and people are in general consensus, I'd take those instructions. Not being an expert in Typography, I'm hard pressed to come up with a good explanation of how, what and where different fonts make a good impression.  I used to compile my paper with different font packages to see which one appears good and by the time I tried my fourth font, I'd promptly forget how the first looked like.  Of course, I could have saved each font type and then opened all of them to compare but being the lazy person I am.....

That said, as the thread mentioned, it's better to use the font packages rather than trying to change the individual fonts for specific parts of the document.

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