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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PDFcomment: A userfriendly interface to \pdfannot

Just saw this new package,PDFcomment on the ctan-ann mailing list.  The \pdfannot command is used to add comments to your PDF file when generated through pdflatex.  This has varying degrees of support depending on the PDF viewer and the version of the viewer i.e. you might not see the comments at all if your viewer does not support it;  Rest assured that the PDF file is still the same.

And this style file is a decent interface (warning PDF file) to the underlying pdfannot command.   Note that while one can add comments through PDFLaTeX, others receiving it cannot add more comments. Unless explicit permissions are set on the PDF file.  Which pdftex does not support and needs to be done using some other external tools.

The last time I checked, there were some legal issues in changing document permissions of an already created PDF file. Unfortunately, can't find where I saw that and I could be completely wrong about it.  I believe this AREnable tool probably would help though I've never used it.

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