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Friday, February 6, 2009

Importing a CSV file into LaTeX

I didn't know that csvtools were deprecated in favour of datatool.

A request on the comp.text.tex newsgroup led to this article (PDF file) written by Uwe Ziegenhagen which, though in German, is pretty much self explanatory if you look at the sample code and the generated tables. At least, some were.

The good news is, that the article should soon get translated in English some time later in a couple of month's time.

Which is a bit of a timesaver when you consider that you might have to write another shell or perl script to snarf and spit out a LaTeX file if you didn't have datatool.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the file name has been renamed to confmanArticleGerman.pdf

Uwe said...

Yes, it has been renamed. The translation to English is still due but I guess I should move it up on the list of things to do...