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Friday, February 20, 2009

R support added to Org mode

Carsten has just released 6.23 of org mode with R support. From the release notes

Dan Davison has contributed /org-R.el/ which is now in the
contrib directory. Org-R performs numerical computations and generates graphics. Data can come from org tables, or from csv files; numerical output can be stored in the org buffer as org tables, and links are created to files containing graphical
output. Although, behind the scenes, it uses R, you do not need to know anything about R. Common operations, such as tabulating discrete values in a column of an org table, are available "off the shelf" by specifying options on lines starting with `#+R:'. However, you can also provide raw R code to be evaluated.

The R tutorial for org can found here. Of course, you should have R and ESS installed for it to work.

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