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Monday, June 8, 2009

Deleting mail source files in Gnus

When Gnus fetches mail, it typically stores them as Incomingxxxxxx files under ~/Mail directory and then splits it into nnml or nnfolder depending on your backend preferences.  If you fetch mail frequently, there will be lots of such files under the Mail directory.  One reason why these files exist is, in the rare case you corrupt some recent email or delete it accidently, it can still be retrieved by checking the Incoming files.

However if you want to delete them, you could set the following and it will automatically delete them after 2 days.  You could set it to any number you wish.

(setq mail-source-delete-incoming 2)
(setq mail-source-delete-old-incoming-confirm nil)

More information about other customisation options can be found at the node Mail Source Customization in the Gnus Manual.

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