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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maximising your screen real estate

If you're a bit like me in that you rarely use the tool bar and menu bar in Emacs, it might be a good idea to turn it off to get some additional lines in your buffer. While it may be strange to look at initially, you soon get used to it as you rarely ever need it.

Add the following to your .emacs
(tool-bar-mode nil)
(menu-bar-mode nil)
And in the rare case you want those back, you can invoke it by M-x tool-bar-mode or M-x menu-bar-mode to get them back.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I've switched these things off and do not recall a case when I needed them back.

Eric said...

And I also turn off scroll bars...

(set-scroll-bar-mode nil)

Anonymous said...

You can still access the menu if you bind it to some mouse-event:

(global-set-key [down-mouse-3] 'mouse-major-mode-menu)