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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting Slide or Frame numbers in Beamer Warsaw Theme

While preparing a presentation using Beamer, I decided to get the slide numbers(frame numbers in Beamer parlance) into the presentation just to pace my slides. And it turns out that it's not easy as it sounds. I tried a variety of setbeamertemplate options and even considered editing the template. I believe beamerouterthemesplit.sty is the file to change though I have no idea what I have to do.

A bit of googling got to me to this page and I have no idea why the suggestion works. But it does. I have broken it into 2 lines with a extraneous \ at the end of the first line.

\title[Short Title \hspace{4em} \insertframenumber\ \
of \inserttotalframenumber
]{Full Title}


bpabbott said...

I'm not sure what you find confusing. Is it the purpuse of short title that threw you? From the beamer-user-guide ...

\title[⟨short title⟩]{⟨title⟩} The ⟨short tile⟩ is used in headlines and footlines. Inside the ⟨title⟩ line breaks can be inserted using the double-backslash command.

sivaram said...

That's right. Didn't know anything about short title and completely forget to check the manual.

Thanks for that.


Stefan Kottwitz said...

Hi Sivaram,

alternatively you could extend the macro \insertshorttitle, for example

\insertframenumber\ of \inserttotalframenumber}

Of course adding \makeatletter ... \makeatother could be necessary. I've used this code here, but in another way, once with \expandafter, once with \let: Beamer: frame number in split theme footline.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I had the problem with Warsaw theme and slide numbering, but now everything works! Nikolay

Skidder said...

Thanks for posting this online! Does exactly what I wanted: page numbering in the Warsaw theme.

Filip Vaƙecha said...

Cool! Works exactly as intended! Thank you!