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Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Google Buzz

As someone who's sort of hitting the 60 mail threshold of official mails to respond daily and that's NOT counting the unrelated friends,sales,ad pitches emails(yeah I counted for a week and then gave up), Google Buzz is exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to give up electronic communications altogether.

Trying to control my inbox, I've switched to working the phones as much as I can though I still have to send followup email 'As discussed....' just in case, the conversation 'supposedly' never took place. :-)  That in itself is tiring, from the talking and the inability to reach some quick conclusions and closing the call.  Imagine, trying to follow up on SMS like posts on a meeting that you have a hard time recollecting?  I'd be back on the mailbox trying to explain/clarify/correct things leading to another chain mail thread.

Right, this is not something which will get used in a corporate setting, you say?  Where I work, email and internal chat tool are the standard communication tools.  In all likelihood, they might try a pilot with a bunch of new recruits.

Really enthusiastic bunch, those guys. :-)

If it ever gets adopted, lots of people are done for.  Especially managers who handle new recruits.  At least in my place. The amount of texting these chaps do are unbelievable.   If they even do a fraction of that on a similar corporate solution, it's going to be a fantastic explosion of real time thinking which I think no one wants to know.

With my friends list (we KNOW Emacs users have millions of friends, right,right?),  I don't have a problem now.  And to be on the safe side, I've switched it all off.  So email it is, folks, to reach me.

It's going to get interesting if it becomes popular.

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