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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Using org-mode to send HTML mail

From the org-mode mailing list, here's a way to post HTML mail messages using org-mode. The link that works is this one. Apparently, one can still see the text part even if you set the Gnus reader to discourage HTML. And in it's present form, it works only with Gnus and not any other Emacs MUAs.

Presumably, one would use this feature only when required, as HTML is not something that is recommended as mail text as there is no guarantee that mail clients would be able to render it or render it the way you'd initially formatted the HTML.

Stick to plain text; Besides, if you're going all flashy in getting your point across, you've got a bigger problem than using HTML to say it.


Jason Riedy said...

Alas, so many MUAs use proportionally spaced fonts that HTML is the only option left for simple tables.

David Maus said...

Users of Wanderlust can utilize Org for html messages, too: How to send html messages (EmacsWiki).