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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty cool Org-mode/Beamer demo

From the org-mode mailing list, here's a link to Beamer demo using org-mode.  Just goes to show what org-mode is capable of.  Of course, you need to know a bit of Org-mode AND Beamer AND Emacs to make sense of it.  Otherwise it's a bit of magic to you. ;)

Writing PPT with org-mode and beamer in Emacs

Since there's no voice over, you definitely need to know all the above stuff to figure it out.  And oh, LaTeX too.


Unknown said...

Awesome combination of Emacs, org-mode, Beamer and LaTeX! Any good manual that desribes this kind of combination in an easy to read manner, pedagogically speaking?

Anonymous said...

It could be useful if you had done a voice over (the mic was on anyway) and included a list of the modes you used. e.g ya-snippet, company etc. As it is it is pretty confusing and very limited as to who it will impress.

Anonymous said...

Geez that's impressive.. But a dedicated software can do the same job much quicker, why choosing Emacs?