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Friday, June 17, 2011

Emacs world domination...will have to wait

So, on a whim, I decide to look up google trends for emacs search volume.

This is not looking good. It's time to organise and spread the gnus otherwise we might go out with a mew...err...whimper.

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An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp


a said...

What I find interesting is that vim searches have been flat during the same period. That said, the links on the side that have 'vim' in them are not all about the editor.

Xach said...

This is a reflection of the increase in search volume by normal, everyday people who are not searching for technical terms like "emacs." Emacs might be holding steady (or even increasing) in an absolute sense. See also the trend for "Linux." Too bad there isn't a "Nerds only" checkbox!

J├╝rgen said...

This is just a sure indicator that Emacs is a great
Self-Documenting Editor and keeps getting better and better ;-)