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Friday, July 22, 2011

TeX Live 2011 release available

Looks like the TeXLive 2011 binaries are now available along with a recommendation to do a network install instead of  a iso download and then installing.


be_slayed said...

Yeah, but the way synctex works in the new version breaks forward search from emacs to auctex.

Anonymous said...

At one time or another, I've used just about all the tex programs - emtex, miktex, cygwin's own, ttex, etc. - and now texlive. It does what its meant to do just fine, but I do wish they would update only once in a while! Life's too short to have to keep continually updating. Last time, I had to delete completely the old texlive 2009 just to update to 2010, and I noticed no difference. I'm not updating now until I have to!