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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gnus Tip: Customising the position of point when replying

If you have a need to top post or inline or below the mail depending on whom and where you're replying to, Gnus allows you to customise it by setting message-cite-reply-position whose doc string is reproduced below

message-cite-reply-position is a variable defined in `message.el'.
Its value is traditional
*Where the reply should be positioned.
If `traditional', reply inline.
If `above', reply above quoted text.
If `below', reply below quoted text.
Note: Many newsgroups frown upon nontraditional reply styles. You
probably want to set this variable only for specific groups,
e.g. using `gnus-posting-styles':

  (eval (set (make-local-variable 'message-cite-reply-above) 'above))

I've highlighted the warning just in case you missed it. :-)

Hat tip to Eric Abrahamsen's reply to a poster.  And in his post, you can see an example customisation of gnus-posting-styles to do group specific behaviour of reply.

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