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Monday, April 9, 2012

An Emacs conference?

This looks like a fabulous idea, via Hacker News, that an Emacs Conference is being planned, probably in London.  Go ahead, sign up or at least provide your inputs on what you'd like the experts to cover for you in the PROPOSALS section of the link.

This is the best chance to ask for detailed help if you were too embarrassed to ask on the mailing list or Usenet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support :)


geisshirt said...

A friend (Peter Toft) and I did a small Emacs conference in last fall called EmacsForum ( It was a real great experience - so many Emacs users and Copenhagen.

sivaram said...


No problem. It seems that twitter picked up some more people to read it.


That's interesting; people turned up at all. If I did that here, I'd probably be drinking all the lemonade, all 2L of it...alone. No one would turn up for Emacs.

geisshirt said...


We used to have a very active community around free and open source software in Copenhagen. Actually, we still have a couple of user groups (Linux, FreeBSD, and Perl just to mention a few) and an annual conference. So the Emacs users meet on a regular basis.

We (the organizers) had to find speaker for about half on the talks at EmacsForum. Moreover, we spent time on marketing (posting to user group mailing lists and blogging about it).