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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emacs Stuff you ought to know

You know hippie expand, that's the Emacs poor man auto-completion? One of the pet peeves of it, is that you tend to overshoot the completions from the one expansion that you want.  But Emacs cycles through the list again and again, anyway.  And if you have a large list of possible completions, it's a long way off to get back to the correct expansion.

At least one person was unhappy enough to ask on the Emacs mailing list about  hippie-expand/dabbrev-expand and the simple answer was to use the Emacs undo command C-x u or C-_ .  And that really is the simplest way to back up to the previous expansion when you just managed to overshoot the one you wanted.

If you were looking for information on how to search your emails using Gnus, the thread How to search a recently read mail would be a good idea to peruse especially Tassilo's post on Gnus IMAP search.

And if you were wondering why people use Gnus as a mail client because it does simple things like this, which I believe is a standard feature in all other email clients?  I reproduce the post in full, just in case you want to know how backward Gnus is.   :-)

I just had to email someone a file that was located on a USB drivemounted on computer in another room. I composed my gnus message, hit 'C-c C-a', located the file with tramp, the proper mml tags were inserted complete with "ssh" in the filename, and message and attachment went without a hitch. Very nice!

So there!

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