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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sometimes it's nice knowing that people are giving you exactly what you wish for

So, it's been sometime since I had learnt Python and I had a chance to use it for a side project of mine. First, the builtin python mode in Emacs along with AC mode was/is more than adequate for your needs.  Even on the Windows platform...ermm....with Cygwin.  With some bare bones emacs config entries I was off coding in Emacs with AC mode trippily suggesting variable completion.  I must admit that AC mode does take some time to get used to

I say this because you're likely to find other suggestions about python-mode and Ropemacs along with a host of dependencies that might not be worth the effort.  Of course, your patience & YMMV but as I said the builtin python mode will serve your needs even if the other suggestions don't pan out.

On the side project of mine involving stock ticker data, I found the python Panda library quite easy to use.  A lot of the procedural code is wiped out by using Pandas and dataframes. Going through the documentation on slicing and dicing the dataframes, I was thinking, this is similar to SAS in thinking of the data rows as part of a dataset and all it needs some SQL support to make it even more easier than dealing with indices and other list semantics in Pandas.

And what do you know?  Someone's already done it. I found pandasql developed Yhat to do exactly what I was thinking, providing an SQL layer to Pandas.

Things are looking even simpler for my project.

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AB said...

Warning: Blatant self promotion.

I had misgivings about ropemacs as well, and plenty of trouble getting it working properly, so I wrote an alternative, It's primarily intended for refactoring, but it does integrate with AC. If you're looking for some (hopefully) useful Python tools, I'd love to hear if it works for you.