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Saturday, March 1, 2014

PGF 3.0 Released

After a long time, a new version of pgf is out as made out in the announcement from CTAN.  Looks like they've got some massive changes in it.  It's already in the MiKTeX distribution, so you just need to update it.

Some of the things that I found interesting are

 - A Syntax for Graphs: There is now a new simple syntax for specifying
   graphs, borrowed from the GraphViz program. It makes it easy
   to specify graphs and especially trees in a convenient manner.

 - Graph Drawing Algorithms: TikZ now comes with a large and powerful
   system for computing the positions of nodes of graphs automatically
   (you need LuaTeX for this, though).

 - Data Visualization: There is now an alternative to pgfplots as part
   of the standard TikZ installation for creating plots. While pgfplots
   is still the more mature system, the new data visualization system
   comes with some interesting new ideas.

 - Driver Support: Support for all mayor backend drivers has been
   improved. A new, cool thing is the support for dvisvgm, which
   allows you to create powerful SVG graphics directly from TeX,
   including the text.


Jean-Michel said...

Nice to know.

Any idea of how it could worg in emacs org-mode ? In an org-babel block may-be ?

sivaram said...

same as a Latex code block in org-mode? It's just a package within LaTeX, so should work org latex headers